Charlie, Jamie, Jack, and Emmie Smith

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yertle the Turtle

The craziest thing happened today. Jack and I were watching Charlie play golf in the backyard, (through the window of course, I didn't want Jack to get hit by Charlie's golf club) and the pup started going crazy. He started barking histerically and jumping into the door. (ramming the glass!!) I thought he was barking at a stray golf ball, but then I saw it. Yertle...our new friend...crawled onto our back porch and meandered around the patio. Once he saw Jack, he froze..completely motionless. I think he thought he was hiding...We poked him with the golf club to see if he was a snapper.
He didn't snap at us, but he sure was ugly!! I thought turtles were supposed to be cute. He was not! Charlie scooped him up with the shovel and set him in our garbage can. He then released him into the "wild" aka the Rez. We sure hope he's okay! Jack keeps looking outside for him. He misses his new buddy!

Jack staring intently at his new friend

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coming Soon!!

Charlie and I are opening a gift shop/bridal registry in Hernando, MS. We are so excited!! Our Grand Opening is July 26, 2008, but we hope to open the week before to get things rolling for the big day. Our store will carry a huge selection of fine china, everyday dinnerware, pewter, copper, pottery, stemware, jewelry, refinished furniture, stationary, and 3 lines of invitations. Also, we are having a baby section and other fun gifts. Our first ad comes out in the DeSoto Magazine June addition.

We have a special surprise...Mr. Richie Watts from THE GOOD EARTH pottery is coming that Saturday, July 26, to sign his pottery! We are so excited. His work is so good!!! I can't wait to have a personalized piece!!

We will be located on the Hernando Square, in between Old Venice and Center Stage. Spread the word! :)